The basic triaxial apparatus

50kN displacement controlled frame (TRITECH-50)

The Basic-3xl apparatus consists of a 50kN loading frame and a 17bar triaxial cell. The user may control the displacement rate of the specimen (0-6mm/min). A 50kN load cell is installed on the loading beam of the frame. The axial displacement is monitored by a displacement transducer, externally installed. The loading ram of the triaxial apparatus is equipted with a submersible 50kN load cell. The triaxial base plate has three ports. One is used to fill the cell with de-aired water, the second one is connected to the pedestal of the specimen, while the third one to the top cal of the specimen. Each of the three ports is equipted with a system of de-airing block with on-off valves and analog & digital pressure transducers. An automatic volume change apparatus is also connected to the pedestal line, in order to monitor the volume change of the specimen. A detailed description of the Basic-3xl apparatus may be found at Handbook of GeoLab GeoTriax (~12Mb), (Georgopoulos, I.-O. and Vardoulakis, I., 2005). In the technical report "Corrections on the specimen volume change and axial force in the Wykeham Farrance WF11001/SN:100257-9 triaxial cell " (Georgopoulos, I.-O. and Vardoulakis, I., 2005), a detailed calibration procedure for measuring the specimen volume change is presented.

In due time, detailed description and pictures of the apparatus will be available.