The advanced triaxial apparatus

50kN displacement controlled frame

The Advanced-3xl apparatus consists of a 50kN loading frame and a 20bar triaxial cell. The loading frame is dispacement controlled (0-10mm/min) and is equipted with a 50kN loading cell at its upper loading beam. An externally installed displacement transducer monitors the movement of the triaxial cell. At the one end of the loading ram a 50kN submesible load cell is installed. The base plate has five ports, three of them are used for the cell and pore pressure lines. Each pressure line is equipted with a system of de-airing block with on-off valves and analog & digital pressure transducers. An automatic volume change apparatus is also installed in the pedestal pore pressure line, which monitors the volume change of the specimen.

The triaxial cell is equipted with a spacer disk, allowing for on-sample transducers. The measurement of the axial and radial strains of the specimen during the test is performed through two axial and one radial displacement transducers. The pedestal and the top cap of the triaxial apparatus is modified in such a way that they remain parallel to each other during the test, through a system of a linear bearing. The axial load eccentricity which may appear during the test is monitored by a system of three miniature load cells, installed below the pedestal. The pedestal is also modified in such a way that it may support the installation of a hypodermic needle, for measuring in-sample pore pressure.

In due time, detailed description and pictures of the apparatus will be available.